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  1. (Street Name Only)
  2. Do you live in an incorporated (town or city) or unincorporated area of York County?
  3. How many times in the last 12 months have you been in contact with employees of the York County Sheriff's Office?*
  4. Were you a victim of a crime during the last 12 months in York County?*
  5. Were you involved in a traffic stop during the last 12 months in York County?*
  6. Please rate the Sheriff's Office on the following criteria below:
  7. Competence*
  8. Professionalism*
  9. Demeanor*
  10. Courtesy*
  11. Attitude*
  12. Behavior*
  13. How would you rank the York County Sheriff's Office overall performance?*
  14. How safe do you feel in York County?*
  15. How safe is it to walk in your own neighborhood after dark?*
  16. Please indicate your concerns in your own neighborhood.
    (Number 1-6 in order of importance, 1 = Least Concerned, 6 = Most Concerned).
  17. Crime activity in your neighborhood:*
  18. Thefts in your neighborhood:*
  19. Gang activity in your neighborhood:*
  20. Vandalism in your neighborhood:*
  21. Narcotics activity in your neighborhood:*
  22. Other criminal activity in your neighborhood:*
  23. Traffic activity in your neighborhood:*
  24. Transient activity in your neighborhood:*
  25. Stray animals in your neighborhood:*
  26. Junk cars in your neighborhood:*
  27. Loud parties in your neighborhood:*
  28. Other nuisance activity in your neighborhood:*
  29. Please fill out the following if you would be willing to participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program or would like to speak to a Deputy about any community concern.
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