Civil Process Unit

The Civil Process Unit is charged with serving papers in a proper and timely manner. The unit serves Family Court rules, summons, & IV-D’s, Court of Common Pleas summons & complaints, execution, Probate papers, subpoenas, petitions and order of protections from Family Court and other agencies, evictions, repossessions, writs and other types of civil papers. Each year, the Civil Process Unit Deputies, Supervisor and office staff work together to receive, process, serve, and return thousands of civil papers.

The overall effectiveness of the judicial system is dependent upon this unit's efficient and expeditious service of these, as well as many other types of civil writs. Please allow 10 working days for Deputies to complete service before calling and asking for an update on a paper.

Service and Schedule Fees

A list of civil process unit services and fees.
All Civil Processes Not Listed $15
Citation $15
Claim & Delivery $25
Decree $15
Execution & Foreclosure $25
Mechanics Lien $15
Order of Seizure $25
Sale of Property $25
Subpoena $10
Summons & Complaint $15
Writ of Assistance $25