• Pro-active
  • Statistical data with
  • Teamwork and
  • Accountability producing
  • Results
The York County Sheriff’s Office Pro-Star initiative is a transparent accountability system that objectively measures performance and offers more than traditional law enforcement practices. Pro-Star produces highly successful performance driven law enforcement practices to enhance the quality of life within York County.

Crime-Reduction Principles

Pro-Star centers around 4 crime-reduction principles; they are:
  • Accurate and Timely Intelligence
  • Effective Tactics
  • Rapid Deployment of Personnel/Resources
  • Relentless Follow-up and Assessment
The Pro-Star initiative includes weekly and biweekly meetings with various staff members and other stakeholders to identify crime trends, to develop solutions, and to produce accountability for addressing crime problems.


To support the initiative the sheriff's office has broken the county into 4 districts and assigned a District Commander and deputies to each district. These Officers are responsible for addressing crimes within their respective districts.
Traditional Model versus Pro-Star Model chart
For more information regarding sheriff’s office districts, please visit each district office page.