Victim Assistance Unit


The goal of the Victim Assistance Unit is to ensure that people victimized by crime are treated with fairness, dignity, and respect, and that all opportunities for assistance are offered to them.

The Victim Advocates have received special training designed to help victims, (and others) involved in crisis situations handle the trauma with significantly less long-term effect. We believe that the earlier the intervention, the better the recovery will be.


A Victim Advocate is available 24/7 to assist anyone in need. There are several ways to reach us. 
During business hours, call the Victim Assistance Unit at 803-628-2901. If you know who your advocate is, you may call or email them directly. 
After hours, weekends and holidays, dial 803-628-3056 and ask to speak with the On-Call Victim Advocate.


The supervisor of the Victims Assistance Unit is Shea Lewis.

Victim Advocates

  • Yolanda Long
  • Tina Marsh
  • Robyn Crews
  • Rebecca Day-Craft

Victim's Advocate Volunteer Application

The purpose of this position is to provide reliable assistance to victims throughout the criminal justice process; to ensure the protection for the legal rights of victims and witnesses; and to perform related work as required.  Works in conjunction with independent law enforcement and court municipalities providing victim services to crime victims within their jurisdictions; to ensure the victims' rights are being afforded to these agencies.  This class works within the general outline of work to be performed under general supervision. 

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