Forensic Services

Forensic Services Unit

The York County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) has teamed up with the 16th Circuit Solicitor’s Office, the Clover Police Department, The York Police Department, and the Tega Cay Police Department to operate the York County Multi-jurisdictional Forensic Services Unit. The duties of this unit include documenting and processing evidence at various crime scenes throughout York County, operating the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (A.F.I.S.), comparing fingerprints from crime scenes to potential suspects, and gathering firearm evidence for analysis. The YCSO Criminal Investigations Division (CID) provides three Full-Time and one Part-Time investigators.

Forensic Laboratory Services

The York County Sheriff’s Office forensic laboratory services provide scientific analysis, technical crime scene assistance, training and expert testimony to all police agencies in York County. Services are provided in the area of forensic biology (serology and DNA), firearms, and controlled substances (drugs).

Forensic Biology

The state-of-the-art forensic biology laboratory performs analyses in serology (identification of body fluids) and nuclear DNA. The accredited laboratory participates in the National Combined DNA Index System.   

For more information, email or call at 803-620-2187.

Controlled Substances

The Controlled Substance laboratory performs analyses of drugs, including controlled substances, pharmaceuticals and clandestine laboratory samples. Chemists in the section analyze evidence items and conclusively identify a controlled substance or perform sufficient analysis to determine that no controlled substances are present.

For more information, email or call at 803-628-3174.

Firearms Laboratory

The Firearms laboratory examines firearms for operability and compares bullets, cartridge cases and shotgun shell cases to determine if they were fired from the same firearm, multiple firearms or a specific firearm.  

For more information, email or call 803-628-3246