Crime Units

Crimes Against Persons / Violent Crimes Unit

This unit is supervised by a lieutenant, one sergeant, and four detectives. The duties of the Crimes Against Persons and Violent Crimes include murder, attempted murder, death investigations, missing persons, assaults, and armed robberies.

Special Victims Unit

This unit is supervised by one sergeant and is comprised of two detectives. This unit investigates offenses involving all sexual assaults (adult or child), physical and sexual abuse, referrals from the Department of Social Services (DSS) concerning physical and sexual incidents, and sex offender registry violations.

Property Crimes Unit

This unit is supervised by a lieutenant, two sergeants, and eight detectives. The duties of the Property Crimes Unit include investigating offenses involving burglary, larceny, arson, auto theft, breach of trust, and other related offenses. Of the two property crime sergeants, one investigates code enforcement cases. 

Code Enforcement Unit

Investigate and enforce York County Codes and Ordinance violations in conjunction with various York County officials. Prepare and maintain the required documentation for the investigation and enforcement of York County Codes and Ordinances. Perform general law enforcement duties, ensuring public safety and welfare through the proper enforcement of federal and South Carolina laws.