Visitation & Communication


Visitation Requests must be initiated by the inmate. He/she will fill out an Inmate Visitation Request Form and may list up to six (6) friends or family members for approval (Visitors must be at least 17 years of age). Once an Inmate’s Visitation Request Form is received and approved, the inmate will be assigned a specific one (1) hour time slot on a specific day of the week for visitation (i.e. Mondays from 9-10 a.m.). During this visitation hour, only 2 of the 6 approved visitors may visit at one time. You must be an approved visitor on the inmate’s visitation list to visit and must present a valid government issued ID.

Any changes to the approved visitation list must be initiated by the inmate. Changes are permitted once every 30 days. For more information regarding visitation, you may call 803-628-3083 (option 4, then option 1).


Inmates are issued a pin number during the booking process and may begin calling immediately to notify loved ones of their incarceration or secure their release. Once a permanent housing unit is assigned each inmate must initiate a request for up to ten (10) telephone numbers for approval. Inmate telephone calls are outgoing collect calls or outgoing debit calls. You may block telephone calls from this facility by selecting the corresponding option during the voice prompts of an unwanted call. All inmate calls from this facility will be blocked from your telephone number if you select this option. 
 For more information regarding the Detention Center inmate telephone system, please call 803-628-3083 (option 4, then option 3). 

Inmate Mail

You may send any inmate incarcerated at the York County Detention Center a letter. Please address letters to:

York County Detention Center
Inmate Name and ID Number
P.O. Box 9148
Seminole, FL 33775-9148

All regular inmate postal mail (Postcards, Letters, Greeting Cards, etc.) will then be scanned into the system and available to the inmates to view their postal mail via the housing unit inmate kiosks.

Any U.S. Postal or Western Union Money Order will need to be mailed directly to the facility (do not include any letter or other information in the envelope as it will not be forwarded to the inmate):

Inmate Name and Identification Number
York County Detention Center
1675-3A York Highway
York, SC 29745

You may also communicate with any inmate incarcerated at the York County Detention Center via electronic messaging through Smart Communications. You can send pictures via electronic messaging as well. You can sign up for an account and request a connection to any inmates via

For more information regarding inmate mail services, or to obtain inmate numbers please contact the York County Detention Center Mail Room at 803-628-3083 (option 4, then option 6).