Detention Medical Division


Emergency, necessary and maintenance type health care is provided as required by state standards. Daily medication preparation and passing, 14-day physicals as required by state standards, medical screening reviews from intake, daily sick call, and lots of documentation for medical records occupies the staff's time. The medical unit provides in house staff services such as physicals for the hiring process and flu shots each year. They respond to all staff injuries and provide medical services as deemed appropriate.


The Medical Service Coordinator/Registered Nurse heads the Detention Division Medical Unit. One Part-time Physician, 3 Registered Nurses, 2 Medical Officer/Licensed Practical Nurses, Pharmacy Technician, and a Records Management Clerk assist her. The medical unit has a contracted physician, pharmacist, dentist, and dental assistant who provide services on referral from the coordinator. Staff from the Catawba Mental Health provides weekly mental health services.