YORK COUNTY, SC – York County Sheriff’s Office investigators are asking for assistance in identifying a suspect of indecent exposure case.

The first incident took place the morning of Monday, June 17th, 2013.  A white female reported that while she was walking into the garden section of Wal-Mart in Lake Wylie that a black male approached her and told her something might be leaking from her car. He told her that he just got off work at Wal-Mart and she would need to move her vehicle to the back of the parking lot so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his job. She moved her vehicle and he requested she move it further back. After she moved her vehicle a second time he began to look at her brakes at the rear of the vehicle. She looked back and noticed that the suspect was masturbating. She informed him she was calling the police and he quickly fled the scene.

The second reported incident took place just after noon on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013.  A white female was at the Food Lion in Lake Wylie when a black male approached her and told her that her vehicle was leaking brake fluid and he could fix it in 5 minutes. He told her to pop the hood and he proceeded to and then asked her to move her car to the end of the row. The female felt uneasy about the situation and drove away. She took her car to a mechanic who said nothing was wrong with it.

The suspect is described as black male 30 – 45 years old with partially grey hair and scruffy facial hair. He also has a right front chipped tooth.  The suspect may be driving a grey in color SUV, possibly a Toyota Rav4.

Video of the suspect can be found on the York County Sheriff’s Office YouTube page via http://youtu.be/zrAjjzkW8pw.

If anyone can identify this person they are asked to call the York County Sheriff’s Office at 803-628-3059 or York County Crime Stoppers at 1-877-409-4321