YORK COUNTY, SC – York County roadways are cleaner thanks to the York County Sheriff’s Office and the York County Public Works Department.  York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant along with Palmetto Pride is pleased to announce the York County Sheriff’s Office has been awarded the 2013 Zero Tolerance for Litter Achievement Award. 

The Sheriff’s Office Code Enforcement, Anti-Crime Team, and Uniform Patrol focused on identifying litter hotspots in the county. Deputies pinpointed unsecured loads of litter haulers, made traffic stops and conducted litter check points, as well as making litter investigations to identify and charge regular littering suspects.

Deputies notify Public Works of littered areas and clean-up crews were dispatched. Crews then installed signs in the affected areas warning litter haulers to secure loads and sweep sideboards of their trucks prior to entering a highway.  The information collected produces a litter index which helps prioritize and focus on the worst litter hotspots in the county.

“York County is our home. We are passionate about fighting litter and keeping our county clean,” said Sheriff Bryant.

Both the York County Sheriff’s Office and York County Public works worked together to educate businesses and citizens York County about the dangers of litter and the county codes and laws in reference to litter.

Locally, 24 litter citations were issued, 13 of which have been successfully prosecuted and 18 warnings issued, resulting in more than $470 worth of fines.  

The York County Sheriff’s Office is the only county agency in South Carolina to win this award. The City of North Charleston (municipal) and SC Department of Natural Resources (state) were also winners.