YORK COUNTY, SC –Citizens of York County will see a new style of patrol car in the county soon.  The York County Sheriff’s Office will start transitioning from the older Ford Crown Victoria to the newer Ford Interceptor vehicles.  The Ford stopped production of the Crown Victoria last year.  The new Ford Interceptors have several safety designs integrated into the vehicles and the new cars perform better than their predecessors.

The sheriff’s office has purchased seven Ford Interceptor sedans and two Ford Interceptor SUVs.  Two of the sedans are fully funded by a grant from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Office of Highway Safety. 


The YCSO Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic or H.E.A.T. cars are used by the YCSO DUI enforcement team. The DUI enforcement team dedicates 100% of its time to combat drunk driving and aggressive driving in York County.

The Sheriff’s Office has taken several studies into consideration while making these selections for fleet vehicles. The state contract price for the sedan is $24,077 and the Interceptor SUV is $26,000. The YSCO has also purchased two Chevrolet Tahoes and one Chevrolet Caprice for testing.

The newer Ford Interceptors have several safety designs integrated into the vehicle and also perform better than their predecessor. All Ford Interceptors have all-wheel drive and back-up cameras and sensors.

The Ford Interceptor sedans are projected to get an average of 18 miles per gallon, compared to the Ford Crown Victoria, which received approximately 14 mpg.  All Fords ordered have a six cylinder 3.7 L engine compared to the eight cylinder Ford Crown Vics.