YORK COUNTY, SC – In an attempt to bring more wanted criminals to justice and to solve more cold cases, the York County Sheriff’s Office has installed a Television Information System.  Flat screen televisions have been mounted in the sheriff’s office and detention center lobbies. These are areas where the most traffic from the public can see the information on the televisions.

The televisions will rotate slides of suspects who have outstanding warrants for arrest, missing persons, and unsolved cases that date to the 1960’s.  Conversely, slides will also provide public service information.

“The hope with this new TV information system is someone from the public will recognize the wanted photos or remember a detail about an unsolved case, then pick up the phone and call us or crime stoppers,” said Sheriff Bruce Bryant.

The television information system is being called YCSO-TV and will run 24-hours a day in the lobbies with the hope to expand to the Moss Justice Center court room lobby and district offices.