YORK COUNTY, SC – The newly formed York County Sheriff’s Office DUI Enforcement Team is making county roads safer for motorists.  Since the two deputy unit was formed mid-December 2013 the team has made 39 DUI charges. Out of the 39 DUI charges made, 33 have gone to court in which the defendants plead to DUI/DUAC or lesser charges. In 2012 the Sheriff’s office made 239 DUI charges, a 61% increase from the 148 charges made in 2011. 


The DUI Enforcement Team dedicates 100% of its time to combat drunk driving and aggressive driving in York County.  Since December the two person team has issued 497 traffic citations from seat belt violations to speeding violations.


The York County Sheriff’s Office received a $250,701 grant to start a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Enforcement Team.  The money from the grant will be used to pay for the salaries of two deputies, new patrol cars and equipment.


The grant was awarded from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Office of Highway Safety.  The DUI Enforcement Team began operations in December 10, 2012.