YORK COUNTY, SC - On January 23, 2014 York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant awarded Sergeant Terry Vinesett as Enforcement Division Employee of the Month for January, based on the nomination of his supervisor and review of the Command Staff and Sheriff.

Sgt. Vinesett is a great employee and supervisor.  He leads by example in the field, making cases and coaching the deputies under his supervision to make good solid cases.  Sgt. Vinesett also routinely stays over at the end of his shift to help process reports, and evidence, not only for his own deputies but for those in other districts as well.  He consistently seeks opportunities to learn new things and take on additional responsibilities.

Sergeant Terry Vinesett is an excellent example of dedication and leadership in the field of Law Enforcement. 

Deputies Daniel Hamrick and Chris West were recognized January 23, 2014 by Sheriff Bruce Bryant for their actions on November 12, 2013.

Both Deputy Hamrick and West were able to locate and talk a previously violent Criminal Domestic Violence subject out of a suicidal situation in an attic of a house. Any use of force may have resulted in serious injury or death. The subject was safely taken into custody.
Such good work is worthy of recognition.

Today Master Deputy David Vaughn was also recognized by Sheriff Bryant for, taking it upon himself back on November 9, 2013 to find a replacement for his paid overtime assignment and to come out to work on a normal patrol shift, so that the patrol shift would meet minimal staffing requirements.

This generous act is worthy of recognition.

The York County Detention Center has selected Jonathan Garcia as Employee of the Month for January, 2014.  Officer Garcia has worked for the Office of the Sheriff, York County Detention Center since May of 2013, and is assigned to “A” Shift.

Officer Garcia (2nd from left)

Officer Garcia handles emergency situations and unruly inmate behavior in a calm and professional manner.  He is a very efficient housing unit officer and ensures that facility rules and policies are adhered to in his units.

Officer Garcia has a desire to be a well-rounded officer and uses his own time to gain additional knowledge of other areas to achieve this.  He almost always uses one of his two daily breaks to work in the Booking area or the Master Control room. 

Officer Garcia is always willing to lend a hand to other staff members in need.  He requires little assistance from his Supervisors.  He can be relied upon to report to work with a positive attitude and be a Team Player.