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Support Services includes many services and special programs offered by the Sheriff's Office, including the K-9 Unit, the Lake Enforcement Unit, the Criminal Intelligence/Homeland Security Unit, the Court Security Unit, the Training Unit, the Code Enforcement Unit, the School Resource Officer Unit, the Victim's Assistance Unit, the IT Systems Unit, the Honor Guard, the SWAT Team, the Dive Team and the Mounted Patrol.

Captain Glenn Williams can be reached at (803) 628-3156 or glenn.williams@yorkcountygov.com.

K-9 Unit

The Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit is responsible for tracking fleeing suspects, searching for missing persons, conducting drug searches in area schools, and training all canines used by the YCSO.

Sergeant Randy Clinton is the supervisor of the K-9 Unit. He can be reached at 803-628-3237 or

Lake Enforcement Unit

The York County Sheriff's Office Lake Enforcement Unit is equipped with a 25' Boston Whaler and a 21' Triumph to enforce the boating laws and to respond to lakefront crimes and other water-related emergencies. Approximately 44% of Lake Wylie is in the jurisdiction of the York County Sheriff's Office. The unit is staffed by two full time officers who are supplemented during peak season with school resource officers.

The Lake Enforcement Unit is also certified to instruct the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources "Safe Boating" class.

The Lake Enforcement Unit staff includes Supervisor, Sergeant Brent Mabry, and Sergeant Wayne Richardson.

Sergeant Mabry can be reached at 803-818-6528 or brent.mabry@yorkcountygov.com
Sergeant Richardson can be reached at  803-818-6529 or wayne.richardson@yorkcountygov.com .

Criminal Intelligence/Homeland Security Unit

The objective of the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) is to provide an effective and efficient intelligence capability in support of the agency’s overall mission. The CIU collects, analyzes, assesses, and then disseminates criminal, or potentially criminal, intelligence to decision-makers so that appropriate criminal activity is targeted and law enforcement efforts are focused on established priorities. The unit also supports active investigations through the provision of analytical services and products for cases designated as a priority.

This unit also includes a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. All matters regarding homeland security are handled through the homeland security component of this unit.

The CIU Supervisor/Homeland Security Coordinator is Bob Hamilton. He can be reached at 803-628-3177 or bob.hamilton@yorkcountygov.com.

Training Unit

The Training Unit is responsible for ensuring that all departmental personnel are properly trained. Training has been often cited as one of the most important responsibilities in any law enforcement agency. Training serves three broad purposes. First, well-trained officers are generally better prepared to act decisively and correctly in a broad spectrum of situations.

Second, training results in greater productivity and effectiveness. Third, it fosters cooperation and unity of purpose. This department recognizes the importance of training and is committed to providing the best training available to all personnel.

The training unit is also responsible for the Reserve Deputy Program which is a group of volunteers who have completed the training necessary to become sworn Class III officers. The reserves assist the agency by working with various units throughout the agency to provide additional manpower, as needed.

Lt. Brian Boling is the supervisor of the Training Unit. He can be reached at 803-628-6257 or brian.boling@yorkcountygov.com.

Josh Solomon is the Training Unit Sergeant. He can be reached at 803-628-0714 or josh.solomon@yorkcountygov.com.

Court Security Unit

The Court Security Unit is responsible for maintaining the security of all general sessions court and family court sessions. This includes providing armed, sworn officers at the various courts to screen individuals and to provide security in and around the courtrooms.

Lieutenant Tim Hager is the supervisor of the Court Security Unit. He can be reached at 803-628-3142 or tim.hager@yorkcountygov.com.

Terry Vinesett and Tim Smith are the Court Security Sergeants. Sgt. Vinesett can be reached at 803-909-7167 or terry.vinesett@yorkcountygov.com, and Sgt. Smith can be reached at 803-628-3059 or tim.smith@yorkcountygov.com.

School Resource Officer Unit

An SRO is a full time law enforcement officer who works in a school to reduce crime, educate students and staff on law enforcement issues, investigate crimes that occur on campus and counsel students and/or parents in law enforcement matters. SROs are to be good role models for the students. It is a goal of the SROs to make our learning institutions safe to give all students an opportunity to reach their full educational potential.

Sergeant Wayne Richardson is the supervisor of the School Resource Officer Unit. He can be reached at 803-628-3059 or wayne.richardson@yorkcountygov.com .

Code Enforcement Unit

Code Enforcement Officers investigate and enforce York County Codes and Ordinance violations in conjunction with various York County officials; prepare and maintain required documentation for the investigation and enforcement of York County Codes and Ordinances; and perform general law enforcement duties, ensuring public safety and welfare through the proper enforcement of federal and South Carolina laws.

Sergeant Broadus Strain is the supervisor of the Code Enforcement Unit. He can be reached at 803-628-3238 or broadus.strain@yorkcountygov.com.

Victims Assistance Unit

The goal of the Victim Assistance Unit is to ensure that people victimized by crime are treated with fairness, dignity and respect, and that all opportunities for assistance are offered to them.

The Advocates have received special training designed to help victims (and others) involved in crisis situations, handle the trauma with significantly less long term effect. We believe that the earlier the intervention, the better the recovery will be.

The supervisor of the Victims Assistance Unit is Kathy Nelson. She can be reached at 803-628-3067 or kathy.nelson@yorkcountygov.com.

      Victim Advocates:

Dive Team

The York County Sheriff's Office Dive Team is comprised of officers with varying duties and responsibilities within the agency who, in addition to their regular duties, are selected to train in dive operations and who respond to any water related emergency such as drowning or evidence recovery. The Dive Team members hold certifications ranging from Basic Open Water Diver to Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver. The Dive Team also has members trained in basic and advanced swift water rescue to respond to swift water and flooding situations.

Sergeant Brent Mabry is the supervisor of the Dive Team. He can be reached at 803-628-3059 or brent.mabry@yorkcountygov.com.


The Special Weapons and Tactics Team is comprised of officers with varying duties and responsibilities within the agency who, in addition to their regular duties, are selected to train in specialized tactics and who respond as needed to critical incidents such as barricaded suspects, hostage situations, or high risk warrant service.

Below are the leaders of the SWAT Team and their contact information:

Captain Glenn Williams, SWAT Incident Commander 803-628-3156 glenn.williams@yorkcountygov.com

Captain Jerry Hoffman, SWAT Tactical Commander 803-628-3106 jerry.hoffman@yorkcountygov.com

Master Deputy II Stephen Moore, SWAT Marksman/Observer Team Leader 803-628-3059 stephen.moore@yorkcountygov.com

Lieutenant Mike Ligon, SWAT Entry Team Leader 803-628-3068 mike.ligon@yorkcountygov.com

Crisis Negotiations Team
The Crisis Negotiations Team is comprised of officers with varying duties and responsibilities within the agency who, in addition to their regular duties, are selected to train in crisis negotiations. This team is utilized in crisis situations such as barricaded subjects, hostage rescue, suicidal subjects, etc. in an effort to resolve these incidents peacefully. 
Lieutenant W. J. Miller is the supervisor of the Crisis Negotiations Team. He can be contacted at 803-628-3110 or w.j.miller@yorkcountygov.com.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is comprised of officers with varying duties and responsibilities within the agency who, in addition to their regular duties, are selected to train and be available for various Honor Guard/Color Guard details, as needed. These assignments include funeral details for active or retired officers, and the presentation of colors at various sporting events, memorial services, and other public events.

Lt. Chris Blevins is the supervisor of the Honor Guard. He can be reached at 803-909-7528 or chris.blevins@yorkcountygov.com.

Mounted Patrol

The Mounted Patrol is a team of officers who, in addition to their regular duties, are selected to train and be available to work various assignments on horseback as needed.  These assignments include search and rescue, crowd control, patrolling areas where numerous crimes are occurring, public relations, etc. These officers and their horses undergo extensive training to ensure preparedness for their various missions.

Master Deputy Mark McCarter is the supervisor of the Mounted Patrol Unit. He can be reached at 803-628-3059 or at mark.mccarter@yorkcountygov.com .