James F. Arwood

Chief Administrator


Richard L. Martin, Jr.

Assistant Chief Administrator

Gary L. Davies

Security Commander Captain

James F. Arwood
  Phone: 803-628-3083
Email: freddie.arwood@yorkcountygov.com
Richard L. Martin, Jr.
  Phone: 803-628-3083
Email: ritchie.martin@yorkcountygov.com
Gary L. Davies
  Phone: 803-628-3083
Email: gary.davies@yorkcountygov.com
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Detention Administration

The Administrative Division oversees the daily operation of the Detention Center ensuring effective, efficient, and safe operations.

The Administration Division consists of the Chief Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Security Commander Captain, Administrative Lieutenant, Systems Technician, Administrative Clerk, and four Records Management Clerks. This division manages the overall operation of the Detention Center and is involved in personnel issues, planning, budgeting, policy and procedure development, post orders, purchasing, contracts and agreements, billing and reports.

Detention Security Force

The main function of the Security Force is to keep the inmate population safe and secure while being detained for court or serving a court imposed sentence. They monitor all housing unit activities and are trained in all facets of inmate management and are compliant with State standards. In essence these officers are the back bone of the Detention Division. This unit is overseen by the Security Commander Captain and is divided into four shifts.

Detention Day Squad Security Force

The Day Squad is responsible for providing security in the Detention Center lobby, General Sessions courtroom holding cells. In addition, they provide additional manpower to maintain adequate staffing levels on each team.

Detention Classification/ICE 287(g) Operations Division

The Classification/ICE 287(g) Operations Division is responsible for all inmate placements in the prospective housing units. This is accomplished through an intensive classification system that assigns inmates to high, medium and minimum custody status. The inmate status is monitored daily and adjusted as needed.

The Classification Lieutenant and his staff are also responsible for scheduling inmate extraditions, court appearances and commitments. They also assist inmates with requests for information and channel these requests to the appropriate agencies.

The ICE 287(g) staff and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security entered into an agreement, designating officers to perform immigration law enforcement functions, pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding, provided that the local law enforcement officers receive appropriate training and function under the supervision of sworn U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. The cross-designation between ICE and correctional officers working in conjunction with ICE allows these officers: necessary resources and latitude to pursue investigations relating to violent crimes, human smuggling, gang/organized crime activity, sexual-related offenses, narcotics smuggling, and money laundering; and increased resources and support in more remote geographical locations. The inception of ICE 287(g) program was October 8, 2007.

Detention Transportation Team

The Transport Sergeant oversees the Transportation Team consisting of four Transport Officers. Additionally, each of the Security Force shifts has an individual transport officer assigned. This team is responsible for the movement of inmates to and from other institutions, medical/mental health facilities, extraditions, and movement within the Detention Center and adjacent criminal courts facility.

Detention Training Division

The Training Lieutenant and Training Sergeant are responsibile for officer training and provide in house and academy training for our staff. The training division also consists of four field-training officers. Each new officer spends his first three weeks in classroom training with the training division and then two weeks on the job training with their respective shift and then must complete post assignment evaluations.

Within one year each officer must attend training for Certification (Law Enforcement Class II Certification) at the SCCJA (South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy) in Columbia, SC for three weeks.

Each officer must complete a minimum of forty hours of training every year and recertify every three years with SCCJA. Recertification is based on completion of required in-service training each year.

The Training Lieutenant and Training Sergeant head the Professional Standards/Internal Affairs unit of the Detention Division and assist with recruiting, testing, and hiring new officers. To assure quality and professional standards, each new officer must file a detailed application and provide numerous required documents, including, but not limited to, high school diploma, photograph, birth certificate, military DD214, driver's license, social security card, etc. Interviews, background investigations, criminal history checks, driving record checks, polygraph testing, medical examinations and drug testing are part of the required standards.


Detention Medical Division

The Medical Service Coordinator/Registered Nurse heads the Detention Division Medical Unit. Three Registered Nurses, one Medical Officer/Licensed Practical Nurse, Pharmacy Technician, and a Records Management Clerk assist her. The medical unit has a contracted physician, pharmacists, dentist, and dental assistant who provide services on referral from the coordinator. Staff from the Catawba Mental Health provides weekly mental health services.

Emergency, necessary and maintenance type health care is provided as required by state standards. Daily medication preparation and passing, 14-day physicals as required by state standards, medical screening reviews from intake, daily sick call, and lots of documentation for medical records occupies the staff's time. The medical unit provides in house staff services such as physicals for the hiring process and flu shots each year. They respond to all staff injuries and provide medical services as deemed appropriate.

Detention Operations Division

The Operations Sergeant and Inmate Services Officers are responsible for Incoming and outgoing mail, commissary, inmate uniforms, inmate funds and accounts, boarding and cleaning supplies, and indigent inmates' hygiene supplies. They are also responsible for the supervision and management of state inmates serving as trustees at the Detention Center.

Detention Programs Division

The Programs Services manager and the facility Chaplain are responsible for the recruiting, training, and management of over two-hundred volunteers who provide inmate services on a daily basis; such as life skill instructors, bible studies, religious services and programs, narcotics anonymous, alcoholic anonymous, educational services, and other inmate services.

About Our Facility

The Detention Center is located at the Moss Justice Center and is a 565-bed direct supervision facility that opened in March of 1995. The Detention Center is charged with holding individuals who have been arrested by various law enforcement agencies in York County and held until they post bond or are ordered released by a court or transferred to a state institution after court sentencing. The Detention Center also houses inmates for the US Marshal Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement under an agreement that provides compensation to the county.

Contact Us

James F. Arwood, Chief Administrator, 803-628-3083 or email freddie.arwood@yorkcountygov.com

Richard L. Martin, Jr., Assistant Chief Administrator, 803-628-3083 or email ritchie.martin@yorkcountygov.com

Gary L. Davies, Security Commander Captain, 803-628-3083, or email gary.davies@yorkcountygov.com

Employment Opportunities

Apply on-line at www.yorkcountygov.com. You must provide a copy of your Drivers License, Social Security Card, High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma, DD-214 (if applicable) and recent photograph at time of application.

Mission Statement for The Detention Division

The York County Detention Center is responsible for the incarceration of individuals who are awaiting trial and also individuals who are serving a prison term in York County.
To meet this responsibility, the York County Detention Center will maintain a positive atmosphere for both incarcerated individuals and staff through the provision of:

  • A safe and secure environment for inmates and staff.
  • A facility that is cost effective.
  • A professionally trained staff.
  • Positive and safe physical surroundings.
  • A variety of well-balanced programs that are conducive to appropriate inmate behavior.
  • A system to provide for the nutritional and physical well being of the inmate population.

It is the intention of the York County Detention Center that inmates shall leave the facility no worse physically, emotionally, or psychologically than when they entered. 

The York County Detention Center is committed to the operation of a facility that will meet state standards and for the preservation of basic human rights of the inmate population by the Constitution of the United States of America.