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The Uniform and Field Services Division is directed by the Uniform Captain and is responsible for a wide range of duties. The Uniform and Field Services Division is comprised of Patrol, Civil Process and Warrants, Traffic Enforcement and Communications. The Uniform and Field Services Division is the "backbone" of the Department and is staffed with 93 employees. This division serves a vital role in the overall operation of the York County Sheriff's Office. Captain Brandon can be reached at (803) 628-3063 or allen.brandon@yorkcountygov.com

Patrol Unit

The Patrol Unit is a part of the Uniform and Field Services Division. One of the main objectives of the Patrol Unit is the prevention of crime through preventive enforcement. Preventive enforcement
involves the prevention of crimes through an noticeable presence of Sheriff's vehicles and personnel. The Patrol Unit is comprised of Deputies who respond to all types of calls for assistance. Patrol Deputies handle the enforcement of criminal and traffic laws and investigate misdemeanors and felony crimes. The Patrol Units Provide a 24-hour coverage through a fourshift rotation system.

Civil Process and Warrants Unit

The Civil Process and Warrants Unit is a Part of the Uniform and Field Services Division. The Civil Process and Warrants Unit is charged with statutory responsibility of serving and returning judicial process. This Unit serves criminal warrants from any Court having jurisdiction and obtaining fugitive warrants for those jurisdictions outside of South Carolina. Each year, the Civil Process and Warrant Unit deputies, supervisors and office staff work together to process and serve thousands of civil process and criminal warrants.

A detailed case management system enables the Civil Process and Warrants Unit to effectively and efficiently administer process by serving criminal and civil writs. Criminal arrest warrants issued from County or State Courts and Family Arrest Orders are examples of criminal writs served. Domestic Violence Orders of Protection, Notice of Evictions, Summons and Complaints, Subpoenas, Writs of Executions and Family Court Rules are examples of civil writs served. The overall effectiveness of the judicial system is dependent upon this section's efficient and expeditious service of these, as well as many other types of civil and criminal writs.

Traffic Enforcement Unit

The Traffic Enforcement Unit is a part of the Uniform and Field Services Division. The Traffic Enforcement Unit was organized on November 2000. This Unit is charged with enforcing all criminal and traffic laws, from misdemeanors to felonies, with an emphasis on traffic. This Unit was created to reduce traffic related fatalities, driving under the influence, speed related or other aggressive driving behaviors. This Unit will take a proactive approach to educate the public of highway and driving dangers, through media coverage, community groups, organizations, business, safety programs and high visibility within York County.